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No commercial roof is too big for our team. Please contact us with any questions or issues you may be having. And if you recently had your roof done, contact us to find out how you can increase the life of your roof by doing a white coating technology that we highly recommend to all of our commercial clients. 

White Roof Technology

We work closely with commercial building owners to lower their costs when it comes to having to replace their roof and lowering the building summer energy cooling costs by up to 40%. Astec Re-Ply Technology is the best white roof coatings on the market. If your project is looking to earn LEED credits or you aim to remodel according to green building standards, white roofing is your best option. 


Would you like an honest answer about your home roof? We can work with the homeowner on repairs or replacements, and advise on the next steps without compromising your budget. We are hardworking folks and we know the value of your hard earned dollar. Whether you are looking for an elegant look with stone tiles or just an annual maintenance on your gutters. We can help. 


With over 30 years of experience, the Dynamik team is well versed in the ways of rubberized roofing systems. Whether you are looking to replace a few damaged / missing asphalt tiles or looking to do an overhaul on your roof, we are ready and willing to help. 

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are a perfect solution to improving the curb appeal and value of a beautiful home. Even accent areas like over the porch / garage / window overhangs can add a touch of true elegance to the appearance of a home. If you need tiles replaced, copper gutters installed, or looking to sell, Spanish Tiles and Slate are tasteful options.